Loving Local

Having spent a week away in the Netherlands at my folks in the remote county of Gelderland,

I realise how privileged we are in London with so many things on our doorstep, not just Deliveroo for those nights that you can’t be bothered but also the delicious independent owner operated places that are walking distance from your home.

Over the last couple of years, Green Lanes has been graced by some awesome dining destinations (Primeur N5 and Newington Table) and I for one love to be able to shout about it.

Perilla is the lastest addition to Newington Green and we enjoyed an early Friday night dinner (table at 6.30pm) a couple of weeks ago. Whilst it has been open a while, between work and parenthood, nights out are numbered.

Highlights included the Seaweed Bread brushed with Lambs Fat and the Cuttlefish Bolognese. Lovely bits of pork belly topping my roast brill with chopped mussels.  The service was friendly, knowledgeable and relaxed and obviously gearing up for a fairly busy night.



Every dish was perfectly balanced with simple subtle flavours. Genuinely it was a restaurant that oozed pride and love.



Fantastically, there are even places on Newington Green for a pre or post dinner drink with the opening of Yield almost next door. Yield is a natural wine and cheese shop where you can also have a sneaky glass before dinner or if you are anything like us (with a babysitter on the clock) pick up a bottle of something for home later.



No need to cross London with such great places as neighbours.

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