Project Management

We have expertise in the management of all types of projects, from licensing through to marketing. We can confidently manage a whole project for you or support you in delivering it. We have a large network of builders, contractors, suppliers and contacts which will ensure the project is delivered on budget and on time.


Everything from researching and advising on the most appropriate and financially sensible EPOS, boo,kings and HR systems to ensuring there is a procedure for merchandising and ‘Mise-en-Place. Organisation is the key. We can implement the systems when you don’t have the time, helping create a team confident in their responsibilities and service.


Taking things back to the basics, your suppliers and products are the fundamental basics of a good foundation. We are able to both assist in procurement and the management of your supply chain as well as ensuring that the finished product is financially viable. We have chef consultants who can support you in training technical skills, kitchen management and structure as well as introducing costing apps that will assist your team in yield and recipes.


People and Culture are our area of expertise, in an industry where talent is in short supply, We pride ourselves in being able to identify cultural strengths within the business and work on building a strong identity which will attract but also retain good people. We do this by getting to know you and your vision for business and translating that into something that your employees can live and breathe.


The bit we love the most, we are able to provide a wide range of training from the mandatory food hygiene through to SCAE barista training. We are able to come in at the beginning of a project and host the whole of the opening training for you or come in and trouble shoot areas of weakness within your business. We will create a bespoke training programme for your business and can look at further development for succession planning.




Ella de Beer:
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